12 Year Old, Male, Black


Deandre - Heart Gallery of North TexasInitially, Deandre appears to be a very shy and reserved child; in actuality, he is very outgoing and fun-loving. He likes to constantly make others laugh and smile. Deandre has a knack for finding the funniest YouTube and Tik-Tok videos, and he likes to watch your reaction to them. Some of his favorites are the “Try Not to Laugh” videos! His friends describe him as “the funny one” or “the class clown.” Deandre’s dream is to be a professional YouTuber someday! Deandre is an engaging child, and he has the best memory. He remembers the smallest details about others. Deandre has a big heart, and he is always eager to help others whether that be his family, friends, or even people he does not know. One of Deandre’s goals is to help homeless people when he gets older, because “they need homes, too!”

Deandre is ready for his forever family! He will fit in perfectly with a family who encourages his love of sports, especially football! He says a perfect family works together and supports each other just like a football team would do. Deandre would like to have a family with two parents and lots of siblings who supports his desire to maintain his relationships with his siblings, who are not a part of this adoption.




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Information Meeting Choose Agency Application & Family Home Study PAT Training

You will need to attend an information meeting in your area where you will get the basic information about adopting a child from Texas Foster Care.

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Choose a child-placing agency to assist you in adopting a child from Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.

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Gladney will help you complete the application process, which includes paperwork, personal references, medical history and a home study.

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Parent Adoption Training is a required course for parents who wish to adopt a child from the state foster care system. This three day competency-based program is designed to prepare prospective adoptive parents for the challenges of parenting children that have experienced past trauma.

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