Adopted Persons Deserve Equal Protection

Posted by Heidi Bruegel Cox on 2/6/18 7:02 AM
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"100 years ago, children who were adopted were not automatically able to inherit from their adoptive parents in the same way biological children were. Today, we cannot imagine how adopted children could have fewer rights than other children born into a family. Surprisingly, a far more tragic legal discrepancy exists today:  Two children adopted from the same country to the same family could have totally different rights, depending on whether a child entered the country in one year over another, or with a document containing a “4” instead of a “3;” one child could enter the U.S. as an automatic citizen, and the other child could remain vulnerable to deportation. The most vulnerable among us, the children, deserve equal protection under the law."

Why Is This An  Issue?

Children who were adopted in compliance with U.S. law are not all U.S. citizens

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 was intended to provide citizenship to children of intercountry adoption; however, it did not cover all children

Equal Rights for All Adopted PersonsThe public attention paid to the Child Citizenship Act touted it as giving automatic citizenship to internationally adopted children, and parents did not understand that “automatic” meant different things for different children

Some adoptions required the adoptive parents to take additional steps to ensure the citizenship for their children, and adoptive parents did not understand the additional bureaucratic steps that some children, but not all children, needed to jump through

Some children were already over the age of 18 when the statute went into effect

Steps needed to ensure that everyone adopted in compliance with U.S. law is treated equally

Amend the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 to ensure automatic citizenship for every child who is adopted by a U.S. citizen in compliance with U.S. law

Correct the past and give each person automatic citizenship, if the person was previously adopted by a U.S. citizen in compliance with U.S. law

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