Posted by nancyr3901 on 10/19/17 10:25 AM

Are you ready to meet a precious 1 year old baby girl who has Down syndrome!? We don't have good pictures, but I want to go ahead and introduce her anyway. She is soooooo sweet!

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Drew {Taiwan}

Posted by nancyr3901 on 12/27/16 9:30 AM
We bring to you today the adventurous, fun-loving boy, Drew! Our adventures included bubble blowing, measuring how tall he is, Lego building, handwriting, and even silliness with the electric tooth brush. He is a load of fun!
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Meet Our Children With Down Syndrome!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 12/14/16 7:48 AM

Look at these sweet babies! There are so many children with Down Syndrome in China and Taiwan who are waiting for families!

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Everything's Coming Up...

Posted by nancyr3901 on 11/18/16 8:56 AM

Everything's coming up...


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Living With Hepatitis B

Posted by nancyr3901 on 8/29/16 12:30 PM
The following was written by a Gladney adoptive mom. Her insight is so valuable! Many kids with hepatitis B, including Dexter, are waiting for families! Would you be open to this special need?
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A Night Among the Stars...

Posted by nancyr3901 on 2/22/16 12:00 PM

A night among the stars...

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A Special Invitation!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 2/11/16 4:30 AM

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Meet Nola!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 1/19/16 12:00 PM

Nola is a sweet 7 year old girl who likes to color. We met Nola in September. She has such a sweet smile!

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We Have A Webinar Coming Up!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 1/18/16 12:00 PM

It is time for another webinar!

Superkids Spotlight: Congenital Heart Disease

Join Superkids Pediatric Physical Therapist Keely O'Dell for an informative series on common medical needs seen in children available for adoption. Our January webinar will focus on children with congenital heart disease. 

We will have a Q&A time at the end of the webinar to ask follow up questions from the presentation, or general questions about Gladney's China Waiting Child program. 
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