“______ Lives Matter!”

Posted by Joy Barnes Majors, LMSW on 6/29/20 1:22 PM

“______ lives matter!” If you’ve paid attention to anything going on in our world today, you’ve seen this statement. You’ve seen the division. From television to social media to our smart phone and emails, it’s hard to ignore what’s happening in our world. I find it downright insane that we have to remind people in 2020 of whose life matters. These times we’re experiencing aren’t new. We just so happen to live a world that’s so technologically savvy that most people have the ability to film at the drop of a hat. From cellphones to dash cams and beyond, we are able to essentially document the world around us, and while mostly beautiful, we are reminded of the ugly, the terrible, and the downright ignorant. 

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Slowly Coming Back from Stay-At-Home Order

Posted by Tiffany Anderson, MBA on 5/21/20 7:30 AM

COVID has taken on a completely different meaning.  After 51 days in quarantine, I have learned to put my purpose over panic.  The first few weeks in quarantine were pure chaos; swarming with uncertainty.  Despite hearsay of what the future holds, I know one thing must continue – my role as a working mother.  Being home made my role no different than any other day.  Sure, there was a change by working remote and being with my children 24-hours, but with a routine, everything and everyone fell in place. 

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Stir Crazy Gut Parenting

Posted by Ginny Manley, LPC on 5/19/20 1:00 PM

This past week my daughter was playing in the backyard when she suddenly ran inside yelling “Daddy, there’s things flying everywhere in the air!”  When he went to look, he found a giant swarm of bees and quickly ushered her and our Golden Retriever inside. After a little investigation, we found there was a large beehive in our neighbor’s tree. For all the obvious reasons I was worried for our safety—we’re not sure if our girls are allergic to bees yet—but I was also disappointed.  Like many homes with small children, things can get loud, chaotic, and overwhelming.  Our backyard has become a sanctuary while we’ve been sheltering in place and now this bee Armageddon was taking that away. 

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Topics: Social Distancing, Parenting, Faces of Gladney

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