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Theraplay® Highlights

Posted by Ginny Manley, LPC on 10/16/19 5:45 PM

Yesterday, Gladney University participants had the pleasure of hearing from Lauren Labeth, LCSW, about Theraplay® and how she uses this in her practice with families.  Lauren gave a quick overview of Theraplay® and why this mode of treatment is beneficial for all families looking to build a deeper connection with their children.  Along with building a connection with others, we learned that play is used to promote the creation of new neural connections, learn social skills, and test situations in a safe environment.  For children that have experienced trauma or diagnosed with a developmental delay, play is crucial for  brain development and relationship building. 

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What We're Reading: Some Questions Don't Deserve Answers

Posted by Ginny Manley, LPC on 9/21/18 9:50 AM


When people talk about adoption, there are always a LOT of questions.  It’s a subject that can be polarizing, mysterious, and sprinkled with both joy and grief.  There are certain times when questions are welcomed, but there are definitely times when questions are inappropriate and can be damaging.  Adoptive parents are not expected to educate the public about all things adoption---especially while they’re grocery shopping with their children at Target. 

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