What We're Reading: Some Questions Don't Deserve Answers

Posted by Ginny Manley, LPC on 9/21/18 9:50 AM
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Adoption Questions

When people talk about adoption, there are always a LOT of questions.  It’s a subject that can be polarizing, mysterious, and sprinkled with both joy and grief.  There are certain times when questions are welcomed, but there are definitely times when questions are inappropriate and can be damaging.  Adoptive parents are not expected to educate the public about all things adoption---especially while they’re grocery shopping with their children at Target. 

The article "Some Questions Don’t Deserve Answersgives validation and practical tips on how to respond when those questions come up.  “We must develop well-honed skills both in defining and holding boundaries. As Intentional Parents, we must model this skill so that our children can observe the process in action.”



Gladney understands that it can be difficult to discuss the adoption option, or if you're a medical professional or social worker provide care to a client or patient who is facing an unplanned pregnancy. That is why Ginny Manley, LPC is available to provide service professionals education about the option of adoption. Learn more about the educational trainings she provides through 

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