Jayden and Orin {Urgent!!}

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/15/18 3:05 PM

We have posted about these sweet baby boys before, but their situation has changed and we need to find families for them quickly. Both of these adorable boys have spent most of their little lives either being cared for in the Butterfly Home or in foster homes. They are now being moved from their foster homes to the orphanage in charge of their care due to new regulations in China. You can read about Jayden here and Orin here.

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Change Can Be Beautiful!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 4/23/18 8:09 AM

Today I witnessed some amazing changes in such a short period of time!

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Milo {Taiwan}

Posted by nancyr3901 on 4/17/18 8:18 AM

One precious little guy that stole our hearts at the very first glance... Meet Milo.

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Meet Luke!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 4/9/18 7:34 AM

We have spent time with Luke on several occasions. The first time was almost 5 years ago. Each time we have seen him we have written words like "sweet, gentle, thoughtful, and cooperative" in our notes about him.

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Deacon & Dudley {Taiwan}

Posted by nancyr3901 on 3/22/18 8:44 AM
We met brothers Deacon and Dudley for the first time in November – and what adorable brothers they are! Deacon turned 7 at the beginning of this year, and Dudley is 5. They lived together in the children’s home and enjoy spending time together.
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Murphy! {Taiwan}

Posted by nancyr3901 on 3/13/18 7:44 AM
I was excited to meet with Murphy again during our trip in November. We first met Murphy a year earlier (you can read about that visit here), so I was looking forward to seeing how he had grown. 
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Happy Birthday, Tim!

Posted by nancyr3901 on 2/1/18 9:11 AM

Today Tim is turning 8!  I think the most amazing birthday present we can give this little boy is to tell you all about him!  

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Draydon Update {Taiwan}

Posted by nancyr3901 on 1/30/18 6:47 AM

We wrote a post about Draydon back in September. You can read it here. Since then we got to spend time with him in November. He is a quiet little guy who is described by his foster mom as happy, smart, well-behaved, and talkative.

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Posted by nancyr3901 on 1/10/18 9:51 AM

I have the sweetest little 6 year old girl to introduce today!

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Double the Fun! Ava & Alex {Taiwan}

Posted by nancyr3901 on 11/25/17 8:22 AM
4 year old twins! Ava and Alex!  
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