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Posted by Superkids Team on 3/22/18 8:44 AM
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We met brothers Deacon and Dudley for the first time in November – and what adorable brothers they are! Deacon turned 7 at the beginning of this year, and Dudley is 5. They lived together in the children’s home and enjoy spending time together.

Deacon is in the 1st grade and does really well at school. He participates well in class, and his teacher reports that he is a good learner and helper. Deacon loves the color blue, Transformers, and watching cartoons. He also really loves playing outside – he enjoyed telling me all about playing on the playground and how much he loves the slides and hanging by his feet on the monkey bars! He also likes playing tag and soccer with his friends, and going swimming. We might have a future athlete here!

While he was a little shy at first, Dudley did well on the tasks we asked him to do. When his caregivers told us he can count to 50, he was happy to demonstrate and then just kept right on counting, surprising even his caregivers! Looks like someone has been paying attention in kindergarten! Like his brother, Dudley loves being active and playing outside. He told me that helping others makes him happy, and that he is afraid of the dark.

  Deacon and Dudley have no medical needs. Could these fun, silly, active brothers be your sons? Reach out to  for more information on Deacon and Dudley!

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