International Adoption + Gladney + Gladney Family = Gladney Baby Intern

Posted by Elena Hall on 2/23/19 12:11 PM

Sitting here at my desk at the same adoption organization my parents came to is so surreal.  Being a Social Work intern at Gladney right now is so special because it allows me to connect with where my new life with my family began.  As a future social worker, my goal is to help others on their adoption journeys and support all members of the adoption triad.  I just finished a big personal project of mine which was publishing my book called Through Adopted Eyes: A Collection of Memoirs from Adoptees – which includes my own thoughts and perspective on adoption as a Russian adoptee.  The book also includes the emotional and amazing stories of 50 other adoptees and talks about the best and worst things about being an adoptee and what adoptees wish others knew.  These adoptees of all different ages have differing backgrounds, perspectives, and adoptee insight. 

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Gladney's 25,000th Goes To College!

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/13/18 10:10 AM

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!  A fun story I thought I’d share.  Back in 1999, Gladney celebrated our 25,000th adoption by buying a $25,000 bond as a scholarship for the child when they reach college age.  Well it happened!   

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What Does an Adoption Placement Look Like?

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 11/30/18 8:04 AM

One of the many questions that people involved in adoption are frequently asked is, "What happens at an adoption placement?".  The answer is that each placement, just like each adoption, is unique and beautiful.

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“Oh Give Me a Home”: Adoption Financing Made Real

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 11/16/18 7:28 AM

As you are exploring adoption as an option for your family, we are sure that you have many questions. One of those questions is probably about how you are going to pay the adoption fee. As a non-profit agency, we work hard to keep the process of adoption as affordable as possible while ensuring you receive premier service.  

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From China to New York: Emily’s Adoption Story

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 11/12/18 8:18 AM

When I was eleven months old, my sister and I were adopted from the Jiangxi province of China. My parents were only expecting to adopt one child at that time, and boy, were they surprised when they received pictures of two baby girls. According to my parents, and the packet of papers they received from the orphanage, my sister and I had been found together on the street at one day old, on April 1, 1999. From there, we were brought to the orphanage and soon after, brought into a foster home. Once we arrived in the United States, it was discovered through DNA tests that my sister and I were only three percent related. We had the same birthday, were the same age, and were together since they day we were born, but we weren’t twins like everyone had thought. Nothing else was known about who our birth parents were, where we were born, what time, and how we ended up together.

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It's Just a Picture

Posted by Jennifer Lanter on 11/2/18 3:49 PM

November is National Adoption Month (NAM). This is an exciting month for us at Gladney and for the millions of American's who have been touched by adoption in some special way. My name is Jennifer and I am an adoptive mother and a staff member at Gladney so NAM has a very special meaning to me. This is a time when me and my family celebrate and offer extra gratitude for the brave decision our son's birth mother made to place him in our family. Her selfless love made our family complete and there is not a day goes by we do not think of her with love and respect.

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Catalina Is Running For Gladney | TCS New York City Marathon

Posted by Natalie Bowen, LMSW-TX on 10/2/18 8:28 AM

The 2018 TCS New York City Marathon is coming up on November 4th. Between now & then, we'll be introducing you to Gladney's charity runners.

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Ben's Adoption Story: Vietnam to United States

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 9/27/18 8:07 AM

The Beginning

It started in Can Tho, Vietnam when I was placed into a baby home 9 days old until I was two. As I was living in the orphanage for those two years my adopted parents were searching for a child to adopt. It’s crazy to think how I got adopted because I knew they really were looking to adopt a Chinese girl until the adopted agency told them that they have a bunch of Vietnamese kids waiting to be adopted. They’ve told me the story many times and I can still recall it till this day. They received the video, and both of them watched the video separately to see if they would pick the same kid out of the video that they would want and as crazy as it is to think both of my parents picked me. They said that I was the biggest kid and most energetic, so it was easy to point me out, and I still carry those traits today. I have no memory on my travel from Vietnam to the United States, but I’ve definitely been told that I was very scared and confused. I mean, who wouldn’t be confused when coming to a new home?

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Zhanna's Adoption Story: Defining Family

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 8/21/18 1:00 PM

How do you define "family"?

Gladney Adoptee, Zhanna, shares her definition with us:

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Adoption Stories by Gladney: Gladney Adoptee Interns at Gladney

Posted by Katie on 7/10/18 10:30 AM

I love to say that I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, even though I only lived here for two weeks after I was born. Another thing I love to tell people is that I was found in a newspaper. This one always throws people off and then I have to explain that my parents placed an ad in various newspapers stating that they were looking to adopt, and that I wasn’t actually found wrapped up in the newspaper. After speaking, briefly, with different birth mothers and birth fathers, my dad spoke with my birth mother who was willing to travel to Texas to finish out her pregnancy and place her baby (me) for adoption. At this point neither my birth parents nor adoptive parents knew if they would be matched with one another or with other families, BUT… they ended up being matched and now I have one giant family.

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