Embracing the Open Adoption Journey

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 6/29/23 9:00 PM

Elizabeth and Patrick talk about their adoption journey in this video.

At the age of 32, they began considering adoption before having biological children. They researched different adoption options, including international, foster care, and domestic infant adoption, eventually settling on the latter.

While researching adoption agencies, they came across Gladney and were impressed by its professional approach, transparency, and LGBTQ friendliness. Gladney also offered assistance with expecting parents' expenses, which was important to them. They found the agency's website and communication to be informative, prompt, and thorough.

The adoption process was straightforward for them. They attended Gladney's orientation, which provided valuable information about what to expect and did not sugarcoat the challenges involved. Elizabeth took charge of most of the paperwork, and they found Gladney's portal helpful in keeping track of the required documents. The home study process was smooth and not intrusive. The waiting period was challenging, but they remained patient, knowing that finding the right match takes time.

When discussing the type of background they would be open to for an expecting mother, they considered factors such as mental and physical health, substance use, and family health history. They approached the decision with grace and flexibility, understanding that they couldn't control all aspects of the birth mother's situation.

Their matching process with the expecting mother was unexpectedly fast. They were matched within 13 months, while the average timeline given at orientation was 12 to 18 months. They were delighted by the information they received about her and agreed to the match after discussing it together.

Their first phone call with the expecting mother was initially awkward, like a blind date, but quickly became comfortable and relaxed. They established a good rapport and agreed to meet in person. The meeting went well, and Elizabeth and Patrick felt at ease with Marissa.

Overall, Elizabeth and Patrick's adoption process with Gladney was smoother than expected. They appreciated the agency's transparency, the support they received throughout the journey, and the absence of significant challenges. They felt blessed by the positive experience and were grateful for finding the right match for their family.

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