#TeamGladney Runs New York Marathon

Posted by Tiffany Anderson, MBA on 11/30/21 8:00 PM

Sunday, November 7th marked the 150th Anniversary of the New York City Marathon. What’s more, there were 11 charity runners representing #TeamGladney on the course and 3 additional supporters who also raised funds as part of #TeamGladney! Our team included adoptive parents, adoptive grandparents, and friends genuinely supporting the mission of adoption! To run the race, it took a great deal of courage and commitment. It took even more dedication and eagerness to advocate and fundraise in support of Gladney’s mission. #TeamGladney went above and beyond, raising nearly $50,000!

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Balancing Optimism With Realistic, Strategic Decisions

Posted by Lisa Schuessler on 9/8/20 8:40 PM

2020 is a year full of defining moments that will be reflected on for years to come . . . challenges faced, losses grieved, lessons learned, flexibility shown, creativity generated, and new connections celebrated. As Gladney begins our new fiscal year, we feel hopeful and are balancing that optimism with realistic, strategic decisions and plans. Gladney is not immune to the challenges many individuals, families, and organizations are currently facing. Just as family will always be essential to our mission of Creating Bright Futures Through Adoption, you will always be essential to Gladney—we need you.

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Join the Conversation

Posted by Lisa Schuessler on 2/16/20 3:44 PM

Family changes everything.

At Gladney, we say this often and believe in its power—the power to heal, evolve, and withstand each season, shoulder to shoulder as Family for Life.

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