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#TeamGladney Runs New York Marathon

Posted by Tiffany Anderson, MBA on 11/30/21 8:00 PM

Sunday, November 7th marked the 150th Anniversary of the New York City Marathon. What’s more, there were 11 charity runners representing #TeamGladney on the course and 3 additional supporters who also raised funds as part of #TeamGladney! Our team included adoptive parents, adoptive grandparents, and friends genuinely supporting the mission of adoption! To run the race, it took a great deal of courage and commitment. It took even more dedication and eagerness to advocate and fundraise in support of Gladney’s mission. #TeamGladney went above and beyond, raising nearly $50,000!

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Topics: New York Marathon, Gladney Friend, Community Support

Build a Brand of Advocates for Adoption

Posted by Tiffany Anderson, MBA on 9/2/20 9:00 AM

Leverage your social networks, corporate connections, and other affiliations to build a brand of advocates for adoption. The most effective way to enhance Gladney’s presence in the community begins with our existing advocates: YOU.

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Topics: Advocacy, Development

Slowly Coming Back from Stay-At-Home Order

Posted by Tiffany Anderson, MBA on 5/21/20 7:30 AM

COVID has taken on a completely different meaning.  After 51 days in quarantine, I have learned to put my purpose over panic.  The first few weeks in quarantine were pure chaos; swarming with uncertainty.  Despite hearsay of what the future holds, I know one thing must continue – my role as a working mother.  Being home made my role no different than any other day.  Sure, there was a change by working remote and being with my children 24-hours, but with a routine, everything and everyone fell in place. 

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