How to Create Routine When There Isn’t One

Posted by Emily Morehead, MA, LPC on 3/23/20 9:15 AM

I don’t know about you but last week was full of meltdowns for my toddler. He feels confused that his routine is off, he isn’t going to school, and let’s be real, he is probably confused why I’m cooking food instead of going to a restaurant. Our first day of working from home was a bit of a free for all because we don’t even have structure yet as we adapt to the new normal of mom and dad both working from home with both boys.

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Seeking Connection in a Social Distancing World

Posted by Jennifer Lanter on 3/20/20 8:30 AM

It seems we have been bombarded with unsettling news for weeks.  And depending on your personality, social distancing could be your worst nightmare or your dream come true (under different circumstances).  For me, it's a little of both.  I have enjoyed some special blessings during this time.  For example, my daughter who is a college student several hundred miles away has been home.  Our whole family has enjoyed being together and playing domino games late into the night.  We have had dance parties and cooking contests and we have had some quiet moments too, like cuddling and watching movies.  There has been some blessings in all this chaos.

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Tools and Resources to Help Children In Foster Care

Posted by Emily Morehead, MA, LPC on 6/12/19 3:34 PM

With the majority of children entering the Foster Care System before the age of 2 years old there is a great need for foster parents, adoptive parents, teachers, clinicians and medical providers to have tools and resources. Recently I read a harrowing statistic that in the state of Texas there were 4,310 children removed from their parents before or at the age of one years old. Helping the tiniest of our people understand their story, hurt and incorporate emotional and physical wellness should be all of our priority. Recently Sesame Street announced that they were releasing a new resource connection for children who are or have been in foster care and the adults in their lives.

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