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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 9/27/22 8:30 AM


Parent Quote

Mackenzie-2022We were blessed to be invited to the hospital when Mackenzie was born. Her birth mother was welcoming, generous and so willing to share with us her love and Mackenzie's entry into the world. All of us together created a Gladney family with an open adoption story enjoying the celebrations and supporting one another through the challenges that life always brings.

From the Graduate

Some may argue that where you come from defines you, but adoption has taught me exactly the opposite. Adoption inspires me to make a name for myself and discover the wonders of who I am. As I move into the phase of a true exploration of life, I hope to study people & become a pioneer in psychology. Having adoption as a chapter in my story elevates my awareness of people and emotions and ignites my interest in studying the mind and communication.

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie has always entertained those lucky enough to know her with a fun personality, creativity, and desire to explore the world with enthusiasm. She taught herself to play guitar during the pandemic and continues inspiring the community with her music. During high school she brought smiles to many with her cheerleading, stage performances, and athletic pursuits - sometimes all in one day. In her senior year of high school, she led students through wilderness exploration and study and continued to inspire as she grew into a resilient young adult with a strong and hopeful spirit. Mackenzie is looking forward to studying music and psychology and learning more about what inspires her to be her best self. She will likely study abroad at some point before college graduation. She hopes to find a career that brings her and others joy and a greater understanding of humanity and the world around us.

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