12 Gladney Adoption Facts For August

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 8/27/17 11:04 AM
  1. Auxiliaries were renamed to Gladney Family Associations in 2006 and there are currently 18 GFAs operating around the country! Be sure to join your GFA today. 
  2. To meet the needs of working women in Sherman, Mrs. Gladney founded the Sherman Nursery and Kindergarten for Working Women. Thirty-five women enrolled their children on opening day. Check out these old nursery rhymes from that time period.
  3. The Gladney Fund was created in 1992 as a separate not-for-profit organization devoted to raising funds to support The Gladney Center. In 2008, the fundraising efforts of the organization were integrated back into the Center’s operations in an effort to more closely align programs and development. The Gladney Fund exists today as a separate entity with a nine member Board of Directors tasked with managing Gladney’s Endowment funds.  
  4. In 1991, the Board officially renamed the agency The Gladney Center.
  5. Edna Gladney’s second legislative battle was in 1951. Mrs. Gladney successfully argued that adopted children should have the same inheritance rights as biological children and that they should be legally adopted rather than placed in a long-term guardianship.
  6. While in Cuba for a year-long honeymoon and business trip, Mrs. Gladney experienced a near-fatal tubal pregnancy, which left her unable to conceive other children.  
  7. Gladney's current international adoption program began in 1992. Today, the Center maintains programs in  China, Colombia, and Taiwan. Start your adoption journey today by requesting Gladney’s free Adoption Information Packet 
  8. A network of regional offices began with the opening of the Houston office in 1988. Gladney currently maintains regional offices located in Austin, Midland and Houston, Texas; Brandon, FL; Oklahoma City, OK; and New York, NY. 
  9. Mrs. Gladney's fondness for fancy hats became legendary over time, eventually becoming her trademark. 
  10. Edna referred orphaned children to the Texas Children's Home and Aid Society for placement with adoptive families, and joined the board of that organization in 1910.
  11. Gladney Center for Adoption FactsDirector Walter Delamarter (1961-1963) established Friends of the Edna Gladney Home Committees, which were later called Auxiliaries and then Gladney Family Associations, or GFAs. 
  12. The movie Blossoms in the Dust, the story of Edna Gladney’s life, cost $1.1 million to produce; it grossed $2.65 million in box office ticket sales around the world.

And there you have 12 Gladney adoption facts for August.


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