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Posted by Superkids Team on 12/22/15 9:29 AM
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Dakota, age 9, and Delia, age 8, are sweet, healthy sisters who need a forever family. Both girls are said to be very smart and creative.
Gladney Superkids
 Dakota and Delia
Dakota loves any kind of arts and crafts activities. Her foster mother states that she has a strong personality and she can become very focused and determined when learning something new that interests her. Her foster mother also states that Dakota will surprise her with kind and appreciative words, or by helping with a chore.
Gladney Superkids
Painting by Delia
Delia is described as an easy-going, kind and considerate little girl. She loves drawing and painting, and is said to be able to copy a picture after just looking at it briefly. I think her version of van Gogh’s Starry Night shows this talent well!
Gladney Superkids
Painting by Delia
 Dakota and Delia live in separate foster families, but they get to spend time together regularly and love to see each other. Each girl’s foster mother wrote a sweet letter to potential adoptive parents sharing a little bit about each girl.
Could these sweet sisters be your daughters? To learn more about Dakota and Delia, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at  mary.chapman@gladney.org.
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