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Posted by Superkids Team on 1/5/16 4:30 AM
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Dexter is a very observant, respectful, active and fun boy.  He will be turning 10 years old in February – wouldn’t be an amazing birthday present to tell him he has a forever family?
Dexter is fascinated with electronics and loves to take toys apart to learn how they work and then reassemble them.  He enjoys playing with a smart phone, but is very good about respecting the time limit his foster mother sets for him. He attended a summer hosting program in the US and decided that he would really like to be adopted by a family in the US.
Dexter took an art class earlier this year after his foster mother observed his talent for painting. He really enjoyed the class and was very proud of his work. One of his pieces was even chosen to be in an art exhibit!
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Dexter's painting
He also enjoys jogging and playing outside.  Dexter interacts well with other children and developmentally is on target with his peers. Dexter is diagnosed with minor anemia and is a Hepatitis B carrier, however he has regular check-ups and is in good health. He also recently began taking medication for ADD.
To learn more about Dexter and to view his full file, which includes a video and photos, please be in touch with Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at Mary.Chapman@gladney.org
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