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Posted by Superkids Team on 4/14/16 7:30 PM
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Today the Advocacy Camp Team visited the children of Changsha #1 Social Welfare Institute.  We received a tour of the facility where we were able to see the therapy floor and learn about the rehabilitation program they have in place.  It was so interesting and we loved getting to see first hand what they are doing here to help children reach their maximum potential.  It was clear how dedicated the leadership is to these children, not just to meet their basic needs, but to help improve their medical conditions so that they can be successful in life.
Our team was able to meet a few of the children in the rehabilitation program and learn about the progress they've made.  It was amazing to hear about the improvement these children have experienced as a result of this growing program.
Once we finished up our tour, it was playtime!!  And boy, oh boy, did we play today!!
A few of the children, accompanied by their music teacher, sang songs with us and even did cute little moves.  Once we finished that, it was time to get down to the one-on-one play time!
We had a few boys and girls to start...
But then a few more showed up to play...
And then we think a few more heard the fun being had and just didn't want to miss out!!
Before we knew it we had a roomful of kids having a blast with our advocates.  
And in the afternoon we hit the playground for some more fun with a few kids from the morning and a few new, adorable little faces.
It was a great day for us all!  These kids are precious and as good as the care is here in Changsha, nothing replaces the love and support of a family.  It is our hope that all of these children will receive the gift of a family.  We hope that as we share these kids stories in the coming months that someone who has considered adoption will decide to take the leap.  These kids are amazing.  We are witnessing it first-hand and we can't wait to play with more kiddos tomorrow!

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