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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/2/16 1:00 PM
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When we were in China last month, we got to see Jack again. He is just as charming and endearing as ever!

Jack is six years old. He has low vision. He lived in an English-speaking Foster home for several years, so he speaks English fluently. I think his favorite phrase is "this is what?" as he touches and feels everything that we brought with us. He does have some vision and is amazing in his ability to see and identify colors and other objects.

Jack has an outgoing personality! The people in our advocacy camp spent time with him and I think everyone fell in love with him! He joins in activities with gusto. They told us the sweetest story about him playing musical chairs. Apparently he and Helen are very good friends. They held hands well the music played and everyone raced around the chairs. Helen made sure that there was always a place for Jack. She kept him away from the mad dash all around them and once he got out she was finished too.

One of the advocates, Fannie, spent a lot of time with him on the day that they had a field trip since he was unable to join in all of the activities. He loved riding on her back and kept telling her that he was hungry and going to eat her up. When she gave him a granola bar he decided that he would eat the granola bar instead because he really likes her and doesn't want to eat her!

Everyone talked about how funny he is! I think part of it is simply the ability to communicate with him and understand what he is saying. This will make it so much easier for his family as well!

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