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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/3/16 1:24 PM
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Superkids is heading back to Taiwan in just a few days! We are hoping for no typhoons this time! Along with Gladney VP and Director of Asia Programs, Gongzhan Wu, Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, and Superkids Pediatric PT, Keely Farkas, we have two new Superkids volunteers joining us for this trip – Faith and Michelle. Today we’d like to introduce Faith who will be our photographer!

Gladney Superkids Howdy!! My name is Faith, and I’m SUPER excited about traveling to Taiwan with Superkids Charity as the team photographer!
Taiwan and adoption hold a special place in my heart. My grandparents were missionaries in Taiwan from 1961-2001, and they have three adopted children from Taiwan; one is in my mom’s generation, and two sisters who are around my age.
In January 2013, I had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan to teach children’s seminars. I was there for a month at the time, and absolutely loved my Taiwan. On that trip, Taiwan and Chinese children quickly found a special place in my heart!
In December 2015, I traveled to Taiwan with my grandparents, their adopted daughters, my mom, and younger sister. With the exception of my mother, we were able to spend an entire month there. I had the privilege of traveling to the south part of Taiwan to visit some friends who are English teachers in Taiwan, and on that trip, I got to visit an Aboriginal school. My heart quickly bonded with those children there, and I realized how much I wanted to someday adopt a child from Taiwan.
I have been a professional photographer for a few years now, and I have always had the vision of using my photography as a ministry. When a mom friend of mine, who is in the process of adopting from Taiwan, told me that the Asia department of Superkids Charity was looking for a photographer to go with them to Taiwan, I jumped at the chance, and knew that God was the one who opened the door for this opportunity!


Taiwan + Orphans + Adoption + Photography = 4 things that I am passionate about, that God perfectly ordained into one trip for me! I know it will only be 5 days in Taiwan, but I’m excited to spend some time with the kids, and love on them while I’m there.

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