Final Day in Taiwan

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/13/16 12:31 PM
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It's so hard to believe that today was our final day here in Taiwan. What an amazing day it was! We spent the day with some adorable sibling groups and a couple other children, heard the most contagious laughter and got to watch some Lego geniuses.

Gladney Superkids

One little guy, Dexter, stole our hearts. He is the sweetest, most gentle spirited, fun loving Lego pro I've ever laid eyes on.  He even drew us a picture of the Lego car he put together in great detail. He took the time to teach him foster mom how to speak some English while we were asking him questions. What a sweetheart! To the lucky family that becomes his forever family be prepared to have your heart melt as this young man changes your life forever.

Gladney Superkids

Another precious little one we met today was Dani. She came right into the room today with a big grin, a happy "hello" and then straight for the soccer balls. She has the most adorable contagious laugh. She is full of energy and very clever. She was playing the guitar and singing, blowing bubbles then putting the bottle down quickly so she could try to pop them and even colored a picture for us. Sometimes she is laughing so hard she flops down. Her laughter can make a rainy day into a sunny day, so full of hope.

Gladney Superkids

 This week has been amazing! We have seen so many amazing children that are in search of their forever family. And even some matched children. I am so excited to get back to the states to share even more stories and advocate for these precious little ones. Could one of these precious little ones be your son or daughter?

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