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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/17/16 8:43 AM
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This post was written by one of the participants in the recent Superkids Advocacy Camp, Janell Plana.

Hope is one of the advocacy team’s kids that we got to meet. She came right in and up to us without any hesitation, giving most of us big hugs as if we were long lost friends. 

She was very interested in all the different activities we were doing and spent a lot of time at each one from puzzles, to musical chairs, and putting up and decorating a Christmas tree. But I think her favorite was when we taught her American songs and the dance that went along such as head and shoulders knees and toes. 

Every child was asked to perform for the advocacy team and Hope picked a dance and song for us. And was she the cutest ever. She was so focused on doing the right moves while listening to the music and following the flow of the song. During her performance she didn’t have a care in the world and was not fazed that people were watching her. 

We asked her a few questions and this is how she responded. She said her favorite color was light blue.  She would love to have a brother and a sister. But the best response was when we asked what she likes to learn and she replied she likes to learn from life. 

Hope is such a joy to be around. She was so easy going and happy. She was passionate about dancing and singing. Could this little dancer be your daughter?

Hope is 10 years old and has albinism.
Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information!

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