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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/19/16 4:30 AM
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Hunter was a 9 year old boy the advocacy team got to meet. He was very shy and reserved on the first day. When we tried to find out why we were told he was embarrassed by his hand. He sat back most of the morning and just seemed to take everything all in and check us out it was not until after lunch he opened up. 

He checked all the different activity stations out from the coloring to play-doh to puzzles before deciding what he wanted to do. He was interacting and helping some of the other boys with their activities as well. As the day went on he became more and more relaxed. The best part was we taught him to play musical chairs and we could see his competitive side coming out, he was a fast learner and followed the instructions. We could hear him laughing and laughing. 

On the advocacy’s field trip to a cooking class, he let his guard down even more and boy did this kid shine. He did not let his hand deformity stop him from doing all the field trip had to offer. At the inside play ground he went around from every station making sure to try everything at least once. He jumped right in and made ice cream, cotton candy, and tasty treats using both his hands. He knows how to make his hand deformity work with him and gets stuff done so it does not hold him back. At the end of the field trip, he went fishing. He was given a fishing net and a little fishing box and without asking for help he was catching fish. 

Hunter is a quiet handsome boy, who takes time to warm up. Could this fun little dude be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

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