Meet Douglas! {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/31/16 2:00 PM
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Let me introduce to you the most adorable snuggle bug! Douglas is a quiet, yet curious, 2 year old who got our attention. From the moment he stepped into the room he stayed close to his caregiver. As she kneeled on the ground he nuzzled up against her, not to leave her arms. All while keeping alert to all the activities of the room with those big brown eyes.
When his caregiver brought him over to the mat and he saw the ball pit his eyes grew wide. Boys will be boys… balls always rank. So with a little coaxing he left the caregivers lap and began to play ball with me. He tried to hold a ball of each color, all to find that his little hands couldn’t. So his solution was to share. He then stated to hand each person a ball. In each exchange you could see how proud he was. Total sweetness!
This chubby cheek snuggle bug is so adorable. Douglas is in search of his forever family. He is looking for a place to call home with a mommy & daddy to snuggle, play ball and share toys with…. Could this be you?
For more information on Douglas, please contact Mary Chapman at

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