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Dewey now has a $4,500 grant through Gladney!

've met a lot of children in China over the years. But there are always a few that stand out in one way or the other. And on that note, meet Dewey!

Isn't he just too cute!? Look at that little grin! ACK! I can't even handle all this cuteness!

Dewey is 2. He is active and outgoing. We have met little Dewey multiple times and in April the advocacy camp volunteers played with him too. They described him as affectionate and said he enjoyed playing with bubbles.

Dewey has CHD and a cleft palate. He is curious and happy. He is walking and starting to put 2 words together. His nanny told us she thinks he is "very, very smart".

He follows simple commands, stacks blocks, and puts crayons back in the box. He scribbles on paper. He had so much fun on the little slide that was in the room! He loves looking at himself in the mirror too!

Dewey needs a family! Could that be you?

Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

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