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Posted by Superkids Team on 7/12/16 7:20 AM
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Woosh… there goes Mikey! In like a flash! Straight for the climber… This little guy has lots of energy. Clever little fella too, he figured out he was able to climb faster and better without his socks. So off came the socks and up he went. The other children watched in amazement as he made the climb look easy. 
Off and running to the playhouse… door… who needs a door when you can climb through a window. Silly boy. Laughing out loud as he climbed through the window to go up the ladder and down the slide.
Even with all of his energy he still remained respectful to his foster mom. When she would ask him to do something he responded. It was a sweet relationship to watch.
Mikey has some delays, which he’s begun receiving therapies for. Mikey is looking for his forever family. He is in search of a family that loves being active just as much as he does. 
Could that be you? For more information on Mikey, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at  mary.chapman@gladney.org

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