Dexter! {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 8/23/16 7:11 AM
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Introducing the one and only… Dexter. This 10 year old had our hearts the moment he walked in the room. Sporting his khaki shorts and bright orange shirt, the sweetest blue glasses with the warmest brown eyes behind them, and that smile how could we not melt?
Dexter is the sweetest, most gentle spirited, fun loving Lego pro I’ve ever laid eyes on. He is so well mannered and polite. He was quick to put together a car Lego kit. He even drew us a picture of the Lego car he put together in great detail. What an artist he is!
Dexter is so personable and eager to share his knowledge. During the intake question session he took the time to teach his foster mom how to speak some English. What a sweetheart!
Dexter is searching for his forever family. He is looking for a mom and dad to share his knowledge, build lots of Lego treasures and to draw his forever home. Dexter is precious! To the lucky family that becomes his forever family be prepared to have your heart melt as this young man changes your life forever. Could Dexter be your son? For Dexter’s full profile, please be in touch with Mary Chapman at

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