Superkids in Taiwan Day 4

Posted by Superkids Team on 10/6/16 1:27 PM
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Guess who we saw...

Dexter!!! We are all so very very crazy about him.  He is ridiculously smart and so sweet and polite. He also has a good sense of humor. When asked if he likes to eat he said with a sly look "you have to eat to survive."
Dustin and Diana.  We can't believe how much progress these two have made!! Dustin has the sweetest grin in the world. Its impossible to look at him and not smile back! And Diana is just plain old hilarious. She brings energy to the room and is ready for action.
Davis, our buddy Davis.  The sweetness oozes from this child. He is just so gentle and kind.  He is also kind of a smarty pants - you can't get anything by this guy.
And this was the first time we met Demi.  She is an outstanding artist-- we all sat with our mouths agape as she created beautiful drawings before our very eyes. She is the perfect amount of shy, silly, and engaging.  She melted our hearts.
And these are just a few of the kids we met.  We have had such an amazing time in Taiwan. We've met and re-met so many great kids. We have strengthened relationships with orphanage workers. We have blogged about it.  Now the real work begins - we have to find these kiddos their forever homes.  

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