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Posted by Superkids Team on 10/14/16 4:30 AM
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Superkids has another team in China. As we are visiting our partnership orphanages they are visiting children whose files were formerly on the shared list. Read about their 3rd day visiting children in the Jiangxi province!

Day Three was another full day.

Another day of leaving pieces of our hearts across China.

Before visiting each SWI, each "shared list" child was a name, date of birth and diagnosis on a list.  Now, well now, they are a living, breathing, PART of each of our hearts' on this team, which is exactly why CCCWA and four U.S.A. adoption agencies proposed this initiative.  We wanted to get to really know these children, so we could properly advocate for them.

How can you look into the eyes of an eleven year old girl, severely hearing impaired and unable to speak (although able to make noises), cut-off from the world because she doesn’t have access to sign language and NOT be changed.  The simple act of giving her a hair bow and access to puzzles, beads and other educational items, brightened her entire countenance.  She was SO eager to learn.  She couldn’t get enough of it and stayed with us until the last child left for the day!  

A  piece of our hearts left behind...

Or what about this little boy??  He ROCKED the place with his plaid-on-plaid shirt and pants.  

Dearly loved by his foster parents and oh SO bright!

How can you resist his smile and charm?

A piece of our hearts left behind...

And then the three year old little girl diagnosed with Downs…

I’m pretty sure she ran the show when she walked in the door.  No, let me rephrase that…she DID run the show when she walked in the door!

She kept us laughing with her little “attitude” and told us all how to do our jobs.  She was equal parts attitude and smile!  She was a “saucy” girl for sure!!

After finishing our assessment she demanded a ride on her ayi’s back and happily rode to the door of the room at which point she demanded to be put down to walk hand-in-hand with her little friend down the hall to go back to her room in the orphanage.

If you’ve ever considered a daughter diagnosed with Down’s and want a girl who knows her mind but will give you the smile of your life, this is your girl!

A piece of our hearts left behind…

Another day complete, two more of LOVING what we are doing and leaving pieces of our hearts in China.

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