Superkids in China {Yichun & XinYu}

Posted by Superkids Team on 10/13/16 7:50 PM
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I was not with the group that visited the Jiangxi province on our April trip, so I was excited to see the children here that I have not seen for a year!

The team minus Rocky and Erin(photographer)

When we went into the room in Yichun the first child brought in was Carter and I wasn't even sure it was him he had grown so much! But it was and he was a cuddly and cute as ever!

We have met so many little children this trip! It is unusual in that way. Most of the time there just aren't this many babies to hold. I'm not complaining for sure, though I do love playing with the school aged crowd as well!

In the afternoon we drove from Tichun to XinYu. Due to a little mix up on the driver's part we took the "scenic route" and our big bus bumped along little roads that were all torn up because of construction for quite a while before hitting the smoother, larger road to XinYu. The bumping was all worth it when we got there and saw the foster moms lined up waiting with the kids!

Here is a new picture of Sierra!

XinYu tends to get a little crazy since the foster moms each are responsible for several children and they tend to congregate in the room we are in. The kids playing and crying, moms visiting, clapping and encouraging kids to smile for pictures, and answering questions about the children all unite to create a chaotic cacophony of noise that I have never experienced in any other setting.

Savannah seeing Mama and Baba for the first time!

The director of the XinYu SWI is always so gracious and took us out to a local restaurant. She said she knows we eat in "nice" restaurants all the time, but she wanted us to experience an authentic XinYu restaurant and dishes. The food was absolutely scrumptious! This is a picture of a man beating the rice for the sticky rice dessert we had.

Our next orphanage to visit is Ji'an. We will be there then heading to Nanchung where we will meet the team who is seeing former shared list children in this same province. We are ready for some rest this weekend, but it has been a wonderful week!

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