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Posted by Superkids Team on 10/25/16 10:20 AM
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We are home again and working through jet lag and the normal fog of re-entry into our everyday lives. We have hundreds of forms and videos and thousands of pictures that we are organizing in order to get them out to families waiting for updates and to use for advocacy.

I'm excited to have new information and pictures to share, but I'm not quite ready to move forward with that.

First I need to acknowledge something beautiful that I thought about over and over as we visited orphanage after orphanage. There were children we didn't see this time because they are not there any more. They are home. Home with their families, where they belong.

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I think of Landon, Samson,  Levi, Chrystal, Suzannah, and many others. These are children who have been seen by Superkids many times, but they don't need us anymore.

This is why we do what we do. These are children who don't have a voice. We give them that voice. Sometimes they advocate for themselves and we merely give them the platform through which their voice can be heard. Landon was one of the most amazing self advocates we have ever met. He knew he wanted and needed a family and he expressed himself so well!

Gladney Superkids

It is a sacred responsibility. Every trip we meet children who are just waiting for a family to see them for who they really are and to take that step to bring them home. This trip was no exception.

By next trip there will be more children who are not there because they are at home. We will take more care packages and show children pictures of their families for the first time. We will keep on speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

It is what keeps us going. The ones who aren't there because they are HOME!

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