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Posted by Superkids Team on 12/5/16 5:30 AM
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Y'all see that big ole gold medal hanging on the sidebar over there? We are pretty proud to have made the list of the top 100 adoption blogs in 2016!

Thank you all for sharing our posts and helping the word spread about the wonderful children we meet in China and Taiwan!

And that brings us to a little housekeeping. See that new page tab at the top that says Waiting Children With Down Syndrome, well as you might guess from the title, we are using it to create a place where you can meet all of our waiting treasures who rock that extra chromosome. We are still working at it and adding to it, so be sure to keep checking in as we want you to meet all of the great kids who will be featured there! And read this post to see how dedicated we are to finding homes for these kiddos! Every child with Down Syndrome is given a $4,000 grant if adopted through Gladney!

You can contact us at to request information on any of the children you see on this blog.

As always, sharing our posts is one of the greatest ways you can help us continue to grow and expand the reach of this blog and our program! We are excited to see what 2017 holds!

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