Maddox {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 12/13/16 7:15 AM
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Maddox is a precious 17 month baby boy! We met him in both May and October this year – and my how he grew in those few short months!
He is very sweet – he loves to gives kisses to other babies! His caregivers told us that he likes to laugh and play with other children. They also said that he loves to eat. He was very persistent in telling us when he wanted more fruit snacks!
In October he showed us how curious he was about everything – he wanted to see and investigate everything around him. He would wave and blow kisses to us. He could listen to instructions his caregivers gave him and would respond to his name. He maintains good eye contact and is starting to imitate sounds. He is crawling and his caregivers are working on helping him to learn to walk.
Maddox has a $4,000 grant through Gladney!
Maddox is a joyful, happy baby boy who has Down syndrome. Could he be your son? For more information on Maddox, please contact Mary Chapman at

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