Brothers - Morty and Maxwell! {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 12/15/16 7:46 AM
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Well, we have two more adorable brothers for you to meet – Morty and Maxwell! Morty is 10 years old and Maxwell turned 9 years old last month. These sweet brothers live together in their orphanage and have a very close relationship.
Big brother Morty is lively and active. He had a cold when we met him, but he was still enthusiastic about our games and participated well. He loved the Legos and told us that he also likes playing basketball, riding bikes, and skateboarding. He is in the 5 th grade and likes school. He loves reading National Geography and other similar magazines because he loves animals and looking at maps.
Younger brother Maxwell is shy and wasn’t too talkative with us. His caregivers told us he is quiet and observant, but opens up to people he knows. But boy did he love the Legos! And he especially was happy when our photographer, Jon, got down on the floor to help him out! Maxwell also told us that he is in the 3 rd grade and that he likes school. He is in the chess club and told us he also likes playing Bingo!
Could Morty and Maxwell be your sons? For more information on these amazing brothers, please contact Mary Chapman at

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