Dennis {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 12/22/16 8:05 AM
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Just a little shy and not so sure of what to think of all there was to see, sweet Dennis entered the room with his tiny fingers wrapped around his caretakers. A true ambassador of Taiwan , he was sporting a Welcome to Taiwan t-shirt which include a panda on the back that looked like it was hugging him. His dark eyes and round cheeks ... oh how precious! 
The shyness slowly melted away as he showed off his  Mickey backpack. He was so grateful for the fruit snacks he decided to stash those away for later in his backpack. Then off to blowing bubbles, playing with the wiggle ball, dressing magnetic kittens, linkable beads... Dennis is so smart and very alert to his surroundings.  
This adorable 4 year old loves stickers! He was reaching way high to gather yet another sticker and place it on his arm. Precious Dennis is reaching high and low in search of his forever family. Might you be his sticker loving, ball bouncing, fruit snack eating family that would forever adore him? 
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