Dustin & Diana {Taiwan - URGENT!!}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/7/17 8:10 AM
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We learned from our partner agency in Taiwan that siblings Dustin and Diana’s adoption case may be closed due to lack of interest from adoptive families. Let’s not give up on these sweet siblings!
Superkids has met Dustin and Diana twice and trust me when I say they are awesome kids! 9 year old Dustin was so proud of himself when we praised him during our evaluation in October – his smile lit up the whole room! He can be very shy around strangers but his foster mom told us he has gotten much better at opening up. We certainly witnessed this too – he was good at answering my questions and even said “Thank you” in English when we were done!
When I asked Dustin what makes him happy, he said playing outside, reading, and drawing. When I asked him how he would describe himself, he was at first shy and said he didn’t know. But then he shared that he thought he was considerate to others, a good boy, and then he beamed and said “I’m cute!”. You certainly are, Dustin!
Diana will turn 8 years old at the end of the month. She is talkative and lively. She loved interacting with all of us and had fun playing and being silly. Her foster mom told us that she gets along well with other kids and enjoys playing house and other pretend games. Her social worker told us that Diana is generous, has a big heart, and is great at building relationships with people.
When I asked Diana what makes her happy she smiled big and say “Playing!”. When I asked her what makes her mad, she said that she never gets angry! She told me that she has a lot of friends at school and they like to play a game where they pretend to be chased by ghosts and have to make it to the wall for safety – such an imagination!
Could Dustin and Diana be your son and daughter? Please share this post so that we can find their forever family! For more information on these amazing siblings, please contact Taiwan program caseworker, Mary Chapman, at  mary.chapman@gladney.org

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