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Posted by Superkids Team on 3/1/17 7:34 AM
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We recently received 7 year old Dory’s file from one of our partner agencies in Taiwan and boy is she a cutie! We have several (adorable) photos and a couple of videos – I wish we could share them publicly!
Dory is described by her foster mother as being considerate, sympathetic, and active. She can be shy and timid around new people at first. She is in the first grade and likes playing with her friends at school. She does not like to be the center of attention though!
She loves to listen and dance to music. She enjoys drawing and her profile includes a couple of pictures she shared with the social worker. She also loves going on outings and talking about her day at school during dinner.
Dory is healthy but her most recent medical report showed high blood pressure and low levels of MCV which could indicate anemia. She will have follow-up tests completed to monitor these two issues.
We hope to meet Dory during our next Superkids trip! Could Dory be your daughter? To review Dory’s full profile, including her photos and videos, please contact our Taiwan program caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

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