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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/18/17 8:10 AM
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Meet brothers Danny and Declan! We were able to meet Danny during our most recent Superkids trip to Taiwan, but unfortunately weren’t able to meet Declan. However, we have both boys full profiles and really cute photos and video of both boys!
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Never have you met a kid you just wanted to hug as much as Danny. With his deep dark brown eyes to his ridiculously cute smile that showcases his 2 dimples, how could you not want a hug from him? When asked about school, Danny said that his favorite teacher is his English teacher. He proudly recited the whole English alphabet.  He told us his favorite color is blue. He also enjoyed answering questions in English with either a yes or a no.
He was focused on all the tasks he needed to do yet very curious as to what was going on around him. He was very outgoing and excited to participate with the volunteers. When asked to write his name he grabbed the pen with his left hand.  Yes he’s a lefty. 
Danny is a 7 year old boy with minor needs. Danny asks his caregivers on a regular basis “When can I have a father and mother?” 
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Declan is an adorable 6 year old boy! He lives in the same children’s home as his brother and they get to spend time together regularly. Declan is in kindergarten and is reported to get good grades. Declan is described as being active but gentle, and he will give a “puppy face” if he gets in trouble – oh, I can only imagine how hard it must be reprimand that cute face! He loves riding bikes outside and playing with his friends. Declan is developmental on target with his peers. He has G6PD deficiency.
Could Danny and Declan be your sons? Contact Mary Chapman at  mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.
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