Micah - Our Little Star {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/25/17 7:20 AM
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Micah may be 4 but he knows what he likes and doesn’t like. And don’t you know it; he liked sunglasses. Once he put the sunglasses on it was game over. This kid knows how to work it and he was such a ham. He would look for the camera and strike a pose every time. We got hip Micah, smiley Micah, and superstar Micah just to name a few.
Gladney Superkids
Once you meet Micah, you cannot stay away from him.  His big smile radiates across his face while his deep dark brown eyes draw you in and melt your soul.  His loveable character can be seen when he sees his caregiver from across the room and runs with arms wide open to embrace them with a huge hug. 
Micah likes to keep you on your toes; you never know what he might do. But what you do know is that he is always trying to make you smile and laugh.
Gladney Superkids
Micah is diagnosed with Down syndrome, but he doesn’t let that extra chromosome slow him down.
Could this star be your son? Micah has a $4000 grant through Gladney. Contact Mary Chapman at  mary.chapman@gladney.org
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