Marshall & Marnie {Siblings from Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 8/17/17 8:52 AM
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Meet 5 year old Marshall and his 4 year old sister Marnie! We met these adorable siblings for the first time during our visit to Taiwan in April.
Marshall is an active little guy with lots of fun energy – he just wants to play! While we were meeting he had so much fun making a game of everything. He found a pillow shaped like a lion and gave us a big ROAR! He told us that his favorite color is red and that’s why he picked out his red shirt to wear. He also told us he loves pizza, but not rice. Marshall is attending kindergarten and showed us that he knows colors, shapes, and how to count to 12.
Marnie is lively and sweet, and she is sometimes shy around new people. She told us that she loves to play on the slide at the playground and to do puzzles at home. When asked what her favorite food was she smiled and said “candy” – what a typical 4 year old response! She just started attending kindergarten earlier this year and really likes going. Her foster mom told us that the teachers report she is a good listener and always follows the rules.
Marshall is suspected to have ADHD and some delays. Both children are living in foster families, however not the same family. We are still waiting to receive the children’s full profiles, but we have more information and photos from our trip that can be shared. Please contact Mary Chapman at for more info!

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