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With only 2 days to departure for our Superkids trip to Taiwan it is time to be sure everyone knows where to follow and get the best updates while we are gone.

Some of our team is already traveling and will meet up with us in Taipei, but the group leaving from the US, Mary, Erin, and Michelle, leave early Friday morning. We will arrive in Taipei on Saturday and you probably won't hear much from us until Sunday. On Sunday we will rest and get ready for the work to begin on Monday morning!

We will be meeting children at ChungYi on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be spent with children from Cathwel. We have a lot of new children on our lists this time so we are excited to see some new little faces as well as see the children we have met before. Friday we will be heading back to the airport for that long flight home.

Gladney Superkids

We hope to post at least one update per day right here on the blog. We will also try to post throughout the day on the Gladney's Superkids Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there! You may be sleeping when we are doing our live videos, but they will be there in the morning when you wake up!

Taiwan has some strict privacy laws that we need to comply with so we cannot post full-face pictures of children in public places. The pictures you see on the blog will comply with this rule. We do have a secret Facebook group where we can post pictures and videos of the children that we can't post here. Please request to join the group here! You will need to answer a couple of questions, but then we can add you to that group.

We are also going to be posting on Instagram for the first time this trip. You can find our brandy-spanking new Instagram account at gladneysuperkids! We need followers! :)

Stay tuned for a fun packing Facebook live video this afternoon!

November is National Adoption Month and many in the adoption community are looking for ways to raise awareness for adoption this month. One super simple thing you can do is like and share our posts on Facebook and Instagram. Let's work together to make the children we meet visible. You never know when their family may be on your friends list.

Everybody set? Because it is almost time to... 

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