Taiwan Day 2

Posted by Superkids Team on 11/6/17 9:20 AM
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I have been on a lot of Superkids trips and have seen many heartwarming things. I hold so many special memories in my heart. Today was one of those days I won't be forgetting and I know I will tell the story when I speak of my favorite memories.

Let me preface this story by mentioning that Nancy Dobson's husband, Joe, joined us on this trip. It quickly became apparent that he is good with children and that children are drawn to him.

Today at lunch time a few of the children we had seen this morning were still in the office building where their foster parents brought them to see us. They had their own little lunch served at one of the tables, but little Desiree was walking by and opened up her mouth for a bite. Joe did not miss a beat, he plopped some food right in that little mouth.

Of course, within minutes Desiree was on his lap eating almost anything he offered her. She ate most of his duck and started in on the rice. She really loved his squash. And he just kept feeding her, occasionally sneaking in a bite himself. She ate most of his food and some of us shared with him so that he had some food too! She very clearly let him know what she wanted and he was happy to comply.

Desiree is waiting for a family. Let us know if you want more information about her. We can assure you, she know what she wants and how to get her needs met. And that is pretty awesome for a little 4 year old girl!

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