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Posted by Superkids Team on 11/21/17 9:37 AM
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She’s MORE than Amazing! 

This is Desiree! A precious 4 year old girl who has shown us she is “more than amazing”!


It wasn’t enough to just sit on our laps, (and share our lunch with us) she wanted to snuggle and rest her forehead against our foreheads. This girl definitely seeks out connection!  As we look through our pictures we always smile to ourselves and say “beep beep” in our heads.  Why?  Each time Desiree saw a staff ID card, she would sing out “beep beep” imitating the sound made when the cards were used to open secured doors.  Her giggles and grins brightened our day – maybe they will brighten yours?

Desiree’s file indicates that she has sensory processing issues.  Since we met her on the May 2016 Superkids trip she has made great improvement in her attention span and her ability to interact with our team. She is still delayed compared to her peers, but we feel that her ongoing therapy is helping her catch up to age-appropriate developmental milestones. 

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