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Posted by Superkids Team on 11/28/17 8:43 AM
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Edited to add: We have some adorable little videos of Dougie that we can't share here due to Taiwan's privacy laws. Be sure to join our private Taiwan FB group to see them!

"Vroom, vroom"... those are the sounds we think of as we remember meeting precious two year old Dougie!  Why? Well, this little guy was quick to discover the blue ride-on car and climb in. His little toddler legs were just barely long enough for him to get over the car's edge but that didn’t slow him one bit. Once in, he confidently grabbed onto the steering wheel and pretended to drive. The grin on his face was priceless. He also shook his head “no” when asked to climb out of the car to go play on the mat. Gotta give him credit as he knew what he wanted! With just a little help from his foster mom he was out and playing with us on the mat.

His fluffy brown hair and soft brown eyes along with that full face grin kept our attention. He showed us how he could stack the blocks. All the while looking back to check in with his foster mom to make sure he was doing it right. Their connection is oh so sweet. 


We thought he might never get off the rocking horse, but he surprised us. His foster mom called to him and said it was time to put his socks on and go... so he climbed right down and went over to his socks.

Dougie is a little guy that would thrive in a family. He is quick to learn, very observant and has a genuine sweet spirit about him. Could you be his forever family? We have so much to say about him, so please reach out to Mary Chapman at for more information about this special boy. Share with everyone you know as we join together in our search to find Dougie his family, a mom and dad to call just his own!

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