Posted by Superkids Team on 11/30/17 9:43 AM
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Today we introduce to you for the very first time... 7 year old, Kristoff!  He is one of the brilliant boys we met this month while on the Superkids trip in Taiwan. 

As he first came in he remained shy, but soon warmed up. Kristoff was eager to answer in English when he was able and grinned at the surprise on our faces when we heard it.  Soon he was showing us his artistic talents - drawing an adorable elephant with wavy ears just like the one on the mat where he sat. 

The activities in the room often drew Kristoff's attention, however he completed all the tasks we asked him to do with ease!  He definitely showed his ability to multitask, completing a puzzle for us, while at the same time watching his peers in the room and the cartoon playing in the background.

Kristoff likes school and is making high marks in both Math & Mandarin. Of course his favorite subject is Mandarin. He enjoys fried chicken, cheese, and apples. When asked to describe himself he said he is, “very happy, noisy, talkative.” We didn’t get to see that side of him during our limited visit, but we are certain if we had longer to play we would have seen more of his joyful spirit. He is described by his social worker to be persistent and holds himself to high expectations. His excitement in his accomplishments was shown through his smile.

Kristof has mild Tourette syndrome. His file also indicates that he receives treatment for ADHD.


We are looking for Kristof's family - one with whom he can share his joys of learning, eating good food, playing dodge ball and creating origami. Could that family be yours?  Kristoff's full profile, which includes photos and videos, can be shared with interested families - feel free to reach out to today! And don't forget to share widely about this amazing boy!

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