Asher & Amber {Siblings from Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 12/5/17 9:21 AM
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This darling little sibling group came bouncing into the room together when we met them last month. They were obviously great friends and I was surprised to learn that they are not actually in the same foster home. They do have regular play dates and seem to get along very well.

Amber is 4 and enjoys listen to and singing along with the choir at church. She is in preschool and loves telling her foster mom all about her day each afternoon. She enjoys playing with dolls, pretending to cook, and taking cell phone pictures. She loves to pose for pictures and is awfully cute when she does it!

Asher is 2. He likes to play with little cars and throw balls. He likes to cuddle and still enjoys being rocked to sleep with his pacifier. He is described as lively and clever by his foster mom. He is learning to speak and communicates quite well. He follows simple instructions and is starting to recognize colors.

Amber has a few developmental delays. She has possible mild cerebral palsy and wears braces on her feet. She easily walks without the braces as well as with them. Asher does not have any known medical needs.

To learn more about this precious little sibling group please contact We have photos and videos that cannot be shared publicly, so be sure to join our private Facebook page to see those!

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