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Watch out preschool teachers, here I come!

What a fun 3 year old he is – Aiden’s whole face lights up when he smiles and he has one of those great belly laughs! Superkids took several additional photos for his file that capture this amazing boy’s joy.

Aiden was a willing participant in all the gross motor skill screening activities -- running, jumping, and kicking and bouncing a ball, he can do it all!  He was also proud to show off how that he can count to 20 in Mandarin and 10 in English. He also knows most of the alphabet. We all smiled when he was playing with a toy animal and exclaimed “lion!” in English rather than the Chinese word “shi zi”.  When Aiden saw another child playing with some blocks, he went right over to play with him,  He was great at both sharing and building tall towers. Aiden’s social worker told us he also enjoys playing pretend games and playing with toy cars.  After playing, he was content to sit calmly in his social worker’s lap and rest with his head on her shoulder.

Some of the fun extras we learned about Aiden – his favorite color is red; he prefers noodles to rice; and he sometimes try to sneak the food he doesn’t want to eat into his friend’s bowl.

Aiden is curious, playful, and affectionate with his caregivers. Could he be your son? Please contact Mary chapman at for more information.

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