All I Want For Christmas... {Anderson & Morgan - Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 12/21/17 7:16 AM
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All I want for Christmas...


Two boys, one Christmas wish... to be adopted together. 
Anderson and Morgan do not share biology but they do share one amazing bond! These two precious boys are foster brothers. A connection that is undeniable says the foster mom. When the topic of adoption is raised, both boys express their desire to remain brothers and be adopted together. This isn’t a typical situation and there is no guarantee that this will become a reality, but their social worker is willing to try to keep them together!
Now about the boys... 

Anderson just celebrated his 11th birthday. We actually were able to sing to him while there last month! When asked to describe himself he says he is happy, optimistic, enjoys helping others and is popular with his classmates. His favorite class is PE. He doesn’t care much for reading. Anderson also shared his favorite color is red and he loves eating dumplings. It’s noted in his file that he has some mild cognitive delays and receives additional assistance at school. 

Morgan is 9 years old. When asked to describe himself he said, “I don’t know. Handsome and smart.” - all with a huge grin on his face. His favorite subject is math. He prefers playing indoors with Legos and reading a good book. Morgan also shared he loves stinky tofu and the color blue. There are no known medical needs noted in his file. 

These handsome boys are a pleasure to spend time with. The SK team enjoyed sharing with them the agility drills and even some puzzle challenges. Through sit-ups, push-ups and even some dribble time we experienced their genuine sweetness. Anderson, shy and quiet, smiled occasionally as he was nervous meeting us. Morgan was a little more generous with his smiles – and did his face ever light up when he created a challenging puzzle for Nancy to complete!

Two boys – so alike and yet different and unique in their own way. And they share one Christmas wish... to be adopted together. Could you be the family they can call their own? A mama and a baba they can celebrate the holidays with forever?  We have lots of information to share with interested families!  Email Taiwan Caseworker Mary Chapman to learn more.

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