Let's Try This Again... {SK 2017 Updated Video}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/8/18 9:38 AM
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We had a little mix-up. I asked for a list of children who were matched or came home in 2017. It was a long list that was provided and I watched the little faces scrolling across my screen with awe! So many beautiful children! Then families started contacting me. My child wasn't in the video... A lot of families.

I'll tell you what happened. When I asked for a list, I got a fiscal year list rather than a calendar year list. And what a great "problem" to have! Even more children belonged in this amazing video!!


And even as I watch this with all of the added children, I am aware that these are only the Superkids placed through Gladney! There are many more that could be included if we were to add all of the families who have found their children or been helped to be more prepared to parent their children through the efforts of Superkids.

Enjoy the video!  Think of each of these lives that have been changed.

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