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Posted by Superkids Team on 1/23/18 12:04 PM
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We have been thinking about Aldon for the last week and today we are finally able to share a little about him! Aldon is 11 years old and we met him in November during our Taiwan Superkids trip.  He is a polite sweet spirited boy.  His smile makes your heart happy, and yes, a little melancholy too.   

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We had a great developmental screening session with Aldon and he was happy to impress us with how athletic he is. He made doing push-ups and sit-ups look so easy and we all cheered him on as he did over 20 of each! His face lit up as he was asked to compete each new agility drill and completed it with ease. 
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Alton  seemed comfortable with us and enjoyed saying “thank you” in English. He also asked where we were from in English. Aldon told us he likes school and that his favorite subject is PE since he loves to play basketball and is very athletic. His least favorite subject is social studies (I think that was the least favorite for many of us). 
A few of Aldon’s favorite things are the color red, eggs, fried noodles and curry rice. He apparently enjoys a good game of Chinese chess or Monopoly every chance he gets(when he’s not shooting hoops!). Aldon also likes to spend time outside riding bikes. When asked to describe himself he says he is happy, kind and enjoys helping others.
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There are many adventures to be shared with this amazing boy. Mountain trails to master, basketball games to play and lots of family time around the table enjoying good food and conversation.  Alton  has older siblings, including a 13 year old brother whose adoption file is also prepared.  
Interested families can contact And don’t forget to join the private Facebook group to see more pictures and videos. 
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